It’s a war of screenshots between Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice.

On Tuesday’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey” season 13 premiere, the drama between the two stars took a turn when Gorga accused Giudice of ignoring her texts after the Season 12 reunion.

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Gorga had shared a cropped text on the show, which read, “Teresa, I texted you driving home from the reunion and you never answered back until now.”

But now, texts between the two have been leaked to, which shared them on Instagram, revealing the uncropped text message, and more conversations they had between March 31 and mid-May last year, before the start of filming on season 13.

“It seems a little calculated to me that you actually have to watch the reunion and read comments to make yourself feel like you wanna fix the family again for the one hundredth time,” Gorga wrote in her message to Giudice.

She continued, “I feel like this text is about you and not really about us. Especially when we’re just about to go into filming again in two weeks. After all these years I’ve finally found a way to accept the way our relationship is. For our children I don’t wanna argue with you, let’s just leave it as is and be what we are.”

In between that and Gorga shooting down Giudice’s birthday party invite, the two shared a few exchanges by text.

Around Easter, Gorga had sent her co-star a funny photo of two men’s butts painted like Easter eggs.

Two weeks later, Giudice asked for Gorga’s address and talked about getting her co-star’s son a birthday gift.

On May 3, Gorga let Giudice know that she wouldn’t be able to attend an event she’d been invited to due to previous plans, to which Giudice responded with an olive branch of sorts.

“After watching the reunion I do feel and know that our families have gone backwards. I want us to be a better example for our children, starting with myself. I love you and I just want things to be better. Are you free for lunch next week?” she asked.

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“We are family and we should always respect that. No need to go to lunch,” Gorga responded. You drew the line in the sand with the wedding. You’ve said multiple times on interviews that we will never be friends. I agree with you. We will always be family and I will always with you nothing but the best.”

Giudice replied, “I am sorry I did not respond to you that night we had a very very long day and I was totally exhausted and not feeling so good especially after surgery. Thank you so much for what you said it was so heartfelt and genuine. We are family and we can do better starting with me. I am so sorry about the wedding I feel terrible that I hurt you from the bottom of my heart. Let’s talk it would mean the world to me.”

“Teresa all good, I am fine with it, I told you that,” Gorga told her.

In some of the texts that followed, Gorga turned down another invite from her co-stars, and they otherwise exchanged pleasantries.