Shania Twain is loving life after being left petrified that she’d be unable to sing ever again.

The Canadian hitmaker appeared on U.K. morning show “Lorraine” to chat about her new album Queen of Me on Thursday, with host Lorraine Kelly asking about her Lyme disease battle.

She recalled of having to have open-throat surgery, “It was quite depressing, devastating to imagine that I would never sing again.

“Even speaking has been difficult with the Lyme disease. I’m just feeling so grateful I can finally sing and express myself.

“And this will be the first album since my operation on my voice.”

Shania Twain on “Lorraine”.
Shania Twain on “Lorraine”. — Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock

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Twain revealed she had to be awake for the whole op, telling the host: “You have to be awake for this operation.

“I was more afraid of never singing again than whatever it took to get through that operation.

“The reason you have to be awake for it is so you can sing during the operation,” explaining how they had to see your voice in action so they knew exactly what to work on.

Twain shared of her new album and sizzling album cover, “It’s very free spirited I would say.

“I guess just feeling really comfortable in my own skin, it took me a while, I wish I’d gotten there sooner in my life, but better now than never.”

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Twain opened up about her Lyme disease diagnosis in her “Not Just a Girl” documentary, claiming it contributed to her voice disorder dysphonia, which required surgery and therapy over the years.

The country superstar recently told InStyle of recovering from surgery: “After I had the surgery, I was petrified to make a sound. I didn’t know what was going to come out.”

She said of what nearly losing her voice has taught her: “It’s a reminder, don’t take time for granted. Don’t take the opportunity for granted. It’s possible I might lose it, that it may not last. I guess any prosthetic or support that you get that is synthetic, your body still may give out around it. It could happen.”

Watch Twain play a round of “Star Confessions” with ET Canada in the clip below.