Britney Spears’ recent media storm may be coming from within her own circle.

The pop star became the center of public attention this week when it was reported there was an attempt to stage an intervention from her close confidants.

TMZ first wrote about the news on Thursday, claiming there was a planned intervention to address her mental health and substance abuse issues.

While the meeting didn’t end up happening, due to Spears learning of it, the plan was said to have involved Spears’ manager renting a house where Spears would spend two months while she received medical treatment and psychological counseling.

Considering the pop star only recently ender her conservatorship of 13 years, citing manipulation from her father Jamie Spears’ end, there has been concern over the recent rumours.

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“If you look at the fans, their big concern, aside from what’s going on with Britney, is why are the tabloids publishing reports like this, which can be more damaging to Britney, who obviously has gone through so much over the past 13 plus years and in the years since her conservatorship was terminated?” explained Variety‘s Chief Correspondent, Elizabeth Wagmeister told ET.

“According to news reports, Britney, whose father was not involved in this alleged intervention or plan for an intervention, and really none of Britney’s family was, according to reports, her father, her mother, her sister, her two sons,” she reassured fans. “None of them were involved with this. This seems to have reportedly been Sam, her husband, and some people who are very close to her.”

While the intervention may not have involved any of the individuals Spears cited as contributing to her conservatorship, there was still concern that the media learned of this attempted intervention at all.

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“Some people are saying if she has such a tight inner circle, why are they talking to the press? And then on the other hand, some people are saying, well, if somebody from that inner circle is talking, are things really bad and and do they want to raise this cry for help, so to speak?” She continued. “But obviously, if we look at the post that was on Britney’s Instagram, she is not happy that this made its way into the press.”

Addressing the reports, the pop star shared a video to Instagram to quell the rumours and express her disappointment with the media.

“This week in the news it said that I almost died and that I have a manager and “doctors” !!! I don’t have a management team nor will I ever again in my life !!! I don’t have “medical doctors” !!! I take Prozac for depression and that’s about it 🤷🏼‍♀️ !!! I’m an extremely boring person !!!” She wrote, likely citing the TMZ report which claimed the source was worried about the possibility of Spears dying.

“It frustrates me to know that any news outlet would say any of this !!!” Spears continued. “It’s worse than a cruel joke because people actually believe this stuff and all of my efforts in getting better with my little routine of prayer and therapy seems to not count for anything when people can say things that are incredibly wrong !!!”

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As for her husband, Sam Asghari, who is said to have been involved with the meeting, he’s since appeared at the red carpet event for “Star Trek: Picard”, which Wagmeister believed is a statement in itself.

“Sam is giving a public statement to very evidently give the appearance of publicly supporting his wife. But I think that a lot of critics might say, why is he saying anything at all? It might be best to just kind of keep a low profile and be with Britney and not talk to the press,” she added. “But it’s really a no-win situation because when these stories are out in the press that she’s not happy about, he, as her husband, feels that he wants to go forth and support her.”