Penn Badgley is offering some guidance to his “You” alter ego Joe Goldberg to help the murderous stalker become a little less homicidal.

The “Gossip Girl” alum took to TikTok to share a hilarious video in which he does double duty as both himself and Joe, writing “My Brother & Me” in the caption.

“Ok, this should be a pretty simple subject,” Badgley says. “So, repeat after me: Don’t kill people.”

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Sitting across from him, Joe (i.e. Badgley wearing different clothing and a baseball cap), complies.

“Put ’em in a cage!” Joe declares, thinking that nailed it.

“Ok. Well, let’s just try it again,” responds Badgley. “Don’t. Kill. People.”

“Stalk ’em first?” Joe queries.

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Exasperated, Badgley continues to try to get Joe to repeat the three words.

“She brought it on herself!” Joe blurts out.

“This is too hard,” Badgley says as he gets up and prepares to walk away. “I can’t teach you.”


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The fourth season of “You” is streaming now.