She’s Ottawa’s R&B sensation, but Keshia Chante is taking over The Big Apple as co-host of BET’s video countdown show “106 & Park”; with rapper Bow Wow.

The multitalented  singer now lives in the Philadelphia area with her man, Fliers goalie Ray Emery, so the commute is over an hour one way to work, but her new gig is well worth the drive!  “This place – the lights are bright, the kids are loud, amazing energy and the music’s pumpin’ it’s CRAZY,”; Keshia tells ET Canada’s Sangita Patel.

This artist is quickly getting the hang of asking the questions instead of answering them, and she gives ET Canada some credit for helping her develop her interview skills: “For years I’ve done stuff with you guys like when Chris Brown and Alicia Keys came to town you called me.”;

That’s right, way back in 2005, she was our first choice as a celebrity guest interviewer and it looks like Keshia was the right choice!  “It can be a little strange asking the questions, but  because I’ve been interviewed for years, I feel like I have insight on how to get things out of people,”; she reveals.

For our full exclusive interview with Keshia tune-in to ET Canada tonight, starting at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT