Kane Brown is currently sitting comfortably at the top of the charts with his newest single, “Thank God”, featuring his wife, Katelyn, but the accomplishment is only motivating the 29-year-old country star to write another one with a darker tone.

“Recently, I’ve been writing a lot of music. I actually wrote three the other day,” Brown told ET Canada backstage at the Bud Light Super Bowl Music Festival Saturday. “I’m super excited about this new music, so I’m just going to keep writing. We have the No. 1  song right now, me and my wife, so I gotta get something else pretty soon.”

“I will say I have a couple songs that are a little bit darker about mental health, and then I have a song called ‘Learning,’ that I went a little bit more in depth over the stuff that I went through, so I’m really excited about the music that we’re writing right now,” he added.

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Brown previously admitted his battle with depression and anxiety was the reason for his short departure from music in 2020 and 2021. Though songs like “Memory” featuring blackbear touch on his desires to escape the pains that life throws at individuals, Brown shares his new, unreleased music will be more personal.

“I’ve always been pretty open about that stuff and the longer I’m in the business, I just get more and more comfortable [talking about it], but a lot of people are talking about it now, and I think it’s making it a little bit more easier for other people to talk about it, as well,” Brown said.

As for collaborations on this album in the making, Brown admits he hasn’t jumped into the studio with anyone just yet, but he’ll start thinking about that soon — and hopes to find the right track to finally get in the studio with 24-year-old rapper, Jack Harlow.

Until then, Brown plans to keep writing more hits in between tour dates and family time.

“If we write on the road, we write on the bus. It’s rare that we do, but if I don’t write for a long period of time, I start itching, so we just did it in Europe recently, and I got a lot of songs out there with some people from my publishing team,” Brown said.

Brown and his wife performed in front of a sold out crowd for Bud Light’s Super Bowl Music Fest’s third and final night at Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona this weekend. The night saw names like NFL players like Dak Prescott and Tua Tagovailoa, and celebrity star musicians such as Tim McGraw and Dustin Lynch in the crowd, and a 90-plus minute set by headliners Imagine Dragons.

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“My wife will be out there with me tonight. She said she was a little nervous earlier, but she’s gonna be alright,” Brown said. “I haven’t played ‘Thank God’ yet in the States one time, so tonight will be our first time. We’re excited.”

The duet introduced Katelyn’s voice to country music fans, but R&B fans might have heard her voice from several songs that were released before she fell in love with Brown. Though this is Brown’s ninth run at the top of the country radio charts, this one is more special as it’s his wife’s first No. 1, and helps other parents have more full nights rest.

“Well it’s funny because I have people tell me all the time that my music makes their kids stop crying, so when our one-year-old’s crying, we put on ‘Thank God’ and immediately, she stops. It’s cool just to see them watch me on TV, but now they get to watch me and their mom, so that’s the best part.”

Speaking of family life, Brown couldn’t help but gush about dad life and how his kids’ adorable personalities are blossoming.

“It’s amazing. My one-year-old has a crazy personality now, smiling all the time saying daddy. My three-year-old tells me she loves me if I get her juice,” Brown said. “‘I love you, Dad’ is like the best feeling in the world and just playing and running around the house. Her scream is so loud. It hurts your ears, but it’s just fun.”