Rihanna is grateful to have A$AP Rocky by her side as a parent.

Fresh off her Super Bowl Halftime Show performance, Rihanna is on the new cover of British Vogue, alongside her baby son and his father.

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“We’re best friends with a baby,” she says of their relationship. “We have to be on the same page, but we’ve always kind of had that in our relationship. Everything changes when you have a baby but I wouldn’t say it’s done anything but made us closer.”

Rihanna – Photo: Inez & Vinoodh for British Vogue
Rihanna – Photo: Inez & Vinoodh for British Vogue

She also talks about the joys of getting to watch Rocky’s bond with their son, who was born in May 2022.

“I’m just sitting on the sidelines when they’re together,” Rihanna says. “I’m literally the girl trying to get into the boys club, waiting for my turn. He is obsessed with his father. And I’m like: ‘Didn’t I give birth to you? What is going on?’ Their connection is undeniable. The second Rocky makes eye contact with him he is on fire. The whole thing they say about sons and moms, it’s a myth. Sons and fathers is crazy. I realized that the validation that you really need as a boy is from your father.”

Rihanna is also asked if she knew her baby was going to be a boy before he was born, answering, “Before we gave birth? Yeah, we knew. Rocky wanted to know. He wanted a boy,” adding, “At first he was open, then he was like, ‘Nah, I want a boy, I’m sure.’ I was just like, ‘Lord, please let this man get what he wants.’”

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In fact, the Rihanna has even been styling her son with the same fashion as his dad.

“One of my favourite outfits he has is a miniature version of one of Rocky’s,” says Rihanna of a tartan kilt she had specially commissioned. “I like to dress him in things that don’t look like baby clothes. I like to push it. I put him in floral stuff. I put him in hot pink. I love that. I think that fluidity in fashion is best. I always shop in the men’s department, you know.”

Rihanna – Photo: Inez & Vinoodh for British Vogue
Rihanna – Photo: Inez & Vinoodh for British Vogue — Photo: Inez & Vinoodh for British Vogue

Rihanna has actually been getting all kinds of clothes made for her baby.

“When you come up with something in your head, half the time it is not available because kids’ clothes are so…” she sighs, “they’re sooo boring. I’m like, ‘This is what y’all been doing to these people’s kids all along?’”

“I feel like the kids need it,” Rihanna adds. “Let’s get these kids cool,” she shouts. “These kids deserve to be cool.”