Lizzo is teasing her hangouts with celebrity BFF Adele.

It’s no secret that the two musicians are close friends, but the “About Damn Time” singer revealed that their hangouts involve a lot more wine than expected.

Speaking with UK’s Heart radio, she confessed, “We drink wine with ice”.

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“Funny enough, I drink it, too, but I wouldn’t dare request this at her house,” she added.

While Lizzo kept tight-lipped on the details, she did call Adele’s house “real nice” and “real English”.

As for what it smelled like, she laughed and admitted, “Too much wine. I don’t remember.”

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The close friends were also spotted having a great time at the Grammy’s that happened on Feb. 5.

“I legitimately was so drunk,” Lizzo said at the time. “Me and Adele were drinking so much that we didn’t even know what the categories were at this point. And then when it was time and they would call our names, we would just be like smile.”