Chloe Bailey has just announced a new collab that’s seeing the Chloe x Halle singer hit with backlash.

On Friday, Feb. 17, Bailey took to social media to share a photo in which she appears to be getting romantic with Chris Brown, promoting their upcoming single “How Does It Feel”, set to drop on Feb. 24.

Brown is a wildly popular singer, but he’s also become a controversial figure due to continual allegations of violence against women, including his 2009 arrest for brutally beating then-girlfriend Rihanna (he entered a guilty plea for felony assault, and completed probation in 2015).

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As a result, Bailey’s announcement was greeted with scorn and disapproval.

However, there were others who pointed out that Bailey was being singled out while numerous other artists in recent years have worked with Brown, including such female stars as Zendaya, Nicki Minaj, H.E.R. and others.

In the midst of the furor, Brown himself weighed in, throwing some major shade at singer Kiely Williams after she slammed his collab with Bailey.