It turns out Florence Pugh and Lisa Rinna are secret BFFs.

On Thursday night, the “Midsommar” actress and former “Real Housewives” star were both at the Harris Reed show at the Tate Modern for London Fashion Week.

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While there, they met up and posed for photos together, and then opened up about their unlikely friendship in a video posted to Rinna’s Instagram account.

“Have you guys met before?” asks the person behind the camera, to which Rinna responded, “No!”

“Never,” Pugh agrees, adding, “But we know each other really well.”

“We love each other,” Rinna says.” I love her so much!”

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Asked if she watches the “Housewives” shows, Pugh says, “Yes I do, indeed I do,” before revealing, “You know we’ve been messaging for the last three years.”

“We’ve literally DM’d each other for three years,” Rinna confirms.

“So when she came and said hi to me I was like, ‘Oh! Friend!'” Pugh says, laughing.