Brandi Glanville admits she was booted off “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” back in 2015.

During the latest episode of her podcast “Brandi Glanville Unfiltered”, released on Friday, the reality star told guest and “Jackass” star Poopies, whose real name is Sean McInerney, that she’s no longer on the show because she got kicked off.

“I’m not on ‘Real Housewives’ anymore… I got fired,” she said.

“Then they hired me back for other s**t,” she continued, seemingly referring to her guest appearances and her casting on season two of “The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip” in 2022.

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Elsewhere during their heart-to-heart chatting about drugs and alcohol, Glanville, 50, shared that she has one DUI from 2009 in which she paid a lot of money to get it “expunged.”

“I generally Uber,” the TV personality added of when she’s had too much to drink.

As for her history with drugs, Glanville revealed she’s “done a lot of things,” including cocaine when she was modelling back in the day, mainly to “keep me high.”

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“Thats what you do. You drink and do blow,” she said of her past experience.

Glanville also shared that she’s done fentanyl but, since she’s been on TV, she “hasn’t done drugs.”

“Once I met my ex-husband I stopped doing all drugs because he was annoying and was like ‘I’ve never done a drug in my life’,” she said of her ex Eddie Cibrian, whom she was married to for nearly 10 years.

Glanville last appeared as a full time cast member of “RH” in 2015 during the fifth season.