Had things gone another way, Penn Badgley would have played Jesse Pinkman alongside Bryan Cranston in “Breaking Bad”.

During a recent interview with BuzzFeed News, the “You” star was asked if there were any big roles that he wanted but didn’t get.

“One I got so close on was ‘Breaking Bad.’ It was between me and Aaron Paul,” Badgley said, via IndieWire.

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“We tested. And actually that was the best television script I’d read, at that point,” he recalled. “That was the one that got away.”

Back in 2020, while promoting the “Breaking Bad” spin-off movie “El Camino”, Paul recalled being in competition with Badgley for the role.

“Right when he walked in, I was like, ‘Oh my God, that guy looks like a meth addict,’” Paul told Entertainment Weekly. “In a good way! He was just in the role. I was like, ‘This guy is going to steal it from me.’”

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Badgley’s full “puppy interview” can be seen below in its entirety.