Chrishell Stause is giving fans an update on her recovery after recently undergoing surgery to remove an ovarian cyst.

The “Selling Sunset” star took to her Instagram Story on Friday, taking fans along with her as she headed to an appointment to get her stitches removed.

“On my way to go get my stitches out. Let’s do this,” Stause, 41, said in a video shared to her Story. In the background, her partner G Flip, 28, was heard cheering before she added: “I’m gonna be a big baby inside.” She then turned the camera to the Australian pop singer who shouted: “Whoo! Stiches out motherf**ker.”

In a follow-up clip, which later saw Stause riding in a car, she updated her followers: “Okay, so stitches are out.”

“I was going to show you guys what my cysts look like … It looks like a pretty pink and white marble,” she continued, noting that G Flip, who is non-binary, “talked me out of it. They’re like that’s disgusting, no one wants to see that.”

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The musician then suggested that Stause should do a vote on her Story, allowing fans to decide whether or not they want to see the “pretty” cysts.

“For the sickos out there I was going to show you,” Stause joked. “Anyway, you can imagine. I’m not gonna do it.”

However, the reality star changed her mind after the overwhelming response she received from fans urging her to post the photo of the large cyst, which she eventually shared in a separate Story.

A day before Stause’s stitches were removed, she told E! News: “All is well, I’m just a little bit on the mend but I expect to be right back at it, get these stitches out, and hopefully I’m going to be good as new.”

Elsewhere, she spoke about the upcoming sixth season of “Selling Sunset”, hitting Netflix later this year, and how things will change now that Christine Quinn is gone.

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“Obviously, when anyone leaves or joins it’s going to change that dynamic,” Stause told the outlet. “Of course the producers love changing the dynamic on us and stirring the pot so I think it has really great elements and really bad elements as far as the new dynamic.”

And the pot will indeed be stirred as Stause promised dramatic new episodes.

“I will say it will be quiet explosive to watch,” she said. “I thought it was going to be calmer but it will be very entertaining for you guys to watch.”

Additionally, the real estate agent and actress closed the deal on a new acting gig. Stause will star in the Lifetime movie “A Rose For Her Grave: The Randy Roth Story”, which “follows the crimes of serial wife-killer Randy Roth and the lady who ultimately fetched him to justice,” as per IMDb.

“I have to say I’m such a true crime junkie myself so that was a huge draw for me,” Stause said of her new role as the lady who brings Roth to justice. “Once I really read up on the case and read the book by Ann Rule, I really wanted to do it.”

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Sharing what exactly impressed her about the project, Stause explained: “With true crime, my biggest complaint is sometimes it glorifies the killer. I think they did such a great job of telling it through the victim’s eyes.”

“A Rose For Her Grave: The Randy Roth Story” airs Saturday, February 18 at 8/7 Central on Lifetime.