The 2023 BAFTAs on Sunday were supposed to be about the awards, but social media is focused on just one musical performance from the evening.

Oscar-winning “West Side Story” star Ariana DeBose performed a medley during the British awards show, celebrating the role of women in entertainment.

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Included in the medley were takes on “Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves” and “We Are Family”. In between those, though, was an original rap paying tribute to the night’s female nominees.

“All the ladies in the room, supporting and leading all here I presume,” DeBose rapped “Hong Chau; Dolly D; Kerry; and Carey with a C; Dame Emma, I’m so fond; Ana girl, you were great in Blonde; Danielle D, you broke my heart; Michelle, I’ve loved you from the start.”

She continued, getting more theatrical, “Angela Bassett, did the thing. Viola Davis my Woman King. Blanchett, Cate, you’re a genius; Jamie Lee, you are all of us.”

While DeBose and many in the audience appeared to be having fun with the rap, many on Twitter who viewed the clip mocked it.

Some noted that even in the audience reaction shots, the nominees named in the rap often looked confused.

In particular, Twitter users made a meme of DeBose’s line, “Angela Bassett did the thing,” with many wondering exactly what thing she did.

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It appears, though, that the online attention from the rap was too much for DeBose, who deactivated her Twitter account the following day.

Though some users did point out that DeBose had been an irregular Twitter user to begin with, deactivating her account when the company was bought by Elon Musk, and only returning a few days ago.

Meanwhile, others criticized users for focusing on just the rap portion of the performance, highlighting instead the strength of the medley as a whole.

In an interview with Variety, BAFTAs producer Nick Bullen defended DeBose from her critics online.

“I think it’s incredibly unfair, to be frank. I absolutely loved it. Everybody I’ve spoken to who was in the room absolutely loved it,” he said.

“She’s a huge star, she was amazing. The songs she was singing are very familiar songs, the room was clapping, and people were sort of dancing to the music. That rap section in the middle, mentioning the women in the room, was because it’s been a great year for women in film, and we wanted to celebrate that,” the producer continued.

“And here is a woman of colour who is at the absolute top of her game. And she’s opening the Baftas with a song that said so much on so many levels,” Bullen added. “All of those mentions, I felt, from the moment we were rehearsing it right through to the transmission last night, spoke to what we wanted to do.”