Canadian R&B and soul singer Jully Black is being praised online after simply changing one word during her Canadian national anthem performance at the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday.

Black took to centre court in Salt Lake City and quickly drew attention when she sang “O Canada! Our home on native land,” in which she paused before emphasizing the word “on,” ultimately changing the original lyrics of “our home and native land.”

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The singer-songwriter’s “minor change with major impact/meaning,” as one fan wrote online, certainly didn’t go unnoticed amid an ongoing national conversation about Indigenous rights. Following Black’s performance, the hashtag #ourhomeONnativeland began trending on Twitter.

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Black even replied to rapper Chuck D, in part tweeting, “This is less about me and more about being apart of the change in any way I can!”

Elsewhere, Black was applauded by the director of the School of Music at the University of British Columbia.

“All I can say is ‘good for Jully,’” T. Patrick Carrabré told The Washington Post. “I hope that Jully and others who are trying to sing the new Canada into being will be more successful.”

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Jay Soule, an artist who also goes by the name Chippewar, added that “seeing it being sung on a national stage is just fantastic.”

Canada’s national anthem was last changed in 2018 when its lyrics were officially updated to make them gender-neutral. At the time, “all thy sons command” was altered to “all of us command.”