Kevin Hart is a big fan of himself.

The comedian was chatting to ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante about his new film “Die Hart: The Movie” — in which his character wants to become a huge action star — when he revealed who his Mount Rushmore of action stars were.

He joked, “Kevin Hart, Kevin Hart after 50 because I’ll be in different action shape, young Kevin Hart because after 50 I’m also going to double down and play a younger version of whomever.

“So, that’s three tiers to myself. And then I would say Rudy Ray Moore. There you go, that’s mine, right there.

“Rudy Ray Moore, Kevin Hart, Kevin Hart, Kevin Hart. There it is.”

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Elsewhere in the chat, Hart revealed whether John Travolta, who plays Ron Wilcox in “Die Hart: The Movie”, broke out into song at all on set, as he’s rumoured to do from time to time.

Hart insisted, “No! John didn’t do any singing on set, and now I feel like I was hoodwinked if he did. This is what he was known for and he cheated us because I didn’t get any of that.”

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“I got great conversation, great information, great advice from a legend and a guy who has accomplished so much in his career.

“We were very lucky to be graced with John’s presence in this film. He did nothing but bring and add a tremendous amount of value to it,” he added.