The Rolling Stones are reportedly working with former Beatles members Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.

As shocking as it seems, given the two bands’ friendly rivalry over the years, “multiple sources” have told Variety that they are working on new music together.

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Although it hasn’t been confirmed, the sources revealed that McCartney “has record bass parts” for a new Stones album, which is also set to feature his former bandmate, Starr. It’s uncertain whether or not McCartney and Starr will make the final album cut or if their contributions will be heard on the same song.

As for the upcoming Stones album, comprised of all-new original material, it’s said to be “nearing the mixing phase”, which theoretically speaking, shouldn’t take much longer to complete.

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It’s possible that McCartney and Starr’s album feature may be more of a behind-the-scenes contribution, since Variety’s sources were told that McCartney was playing bass rather than recording vocals or writing verses.

Additionally, when the album arrives, fans can listen for some posthumous music from Stones drummer Charlie Watts who passed away in 2021Variety reports that the musician recorded drum parts for “a number of songs” prior to his death, which has also reportedly been confirmed separately by fellow Stones member Keith Richards.

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The upcoming project will be The Rolling Stones’ first completely new album in nearly 20 years, following 2005’s A Bigger Bang. In 2016, the band released Blue & Lonesome, a covers collection paying tribute to old-school blues.