Paris Hilton may owe Ellen DeGeneres a prize.

On her “This Is Paris” podcast this week, Hilton revealed her baby boy’s name: Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum. Amazingly, DeGeneres had correctly guessed the name last year.

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Hilton was on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in January 2022 when the host grilled her about names for her future baby.

“I’m not going to say yet as I’m scared someone will steal the name,” the guest said at the time.

“Will they also be named after a country or city, or something like that, to go along with you?” DeGeneres asked, to which Hilton said, “Yes.”

“Does that name exist right now? Does anyone have that name?” the host continued.

“No one I know,” Hilton told her.

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“Argentina?” DeGeneres guessed. When Hilton wouldn’t confirm it, the host guessed again, “Phoenix.”

DeGeneres shared the clip once again on her Instagram feed this week, celebrating the fact that she got the name right.

“I named @ParisHilton’s baby! What do I win?!?! A hotel?!?!” she joked.

Hilton and husband Carter Reum welcomed Phoenix into their lives on Jan. 24.