Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith Grey is officially saying farewell to Seattle and Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in tonight’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”.

ABC News’ “Good Morning America” shared a sneak peek clip of what’s bound to be an emotional ep.

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The teaser showed Meredith walking through the halls of the famous hospital with her three kids, telling Derek and Ellis to give gifts to their old day-care teachers.

“Do you remember where you’re going?” Meredith questioned, as Derek insisted, “Mom, I’m not a baby.”

“Same, mom,” Ellis added.

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Pompeo has starred as Meredith Grey in 19 seasons of the hit medical show.

The actress explained why she’s decided to leave after so long as she appeared on Global’s “The Drew Barrymore Show” in December.

Pompeo, who has played Meredith since 2005, told Barrymore: “I feel super happy, but listen the show has been incredible to me and I’ve loved a lot of the experience. Listen it’s just I gotta mix it up a little bit.

“I’m 53, my brain is like scrambled eggs… I gotta do something new or I’m literally gonna turn into like, you can’t do the New York Times crossword puzzle every single day. I mean 19 years, that’s more than people keep their kids in their house, like people keep their kids in their house until they’re 18 and then they send them off to college, so this is like me like going away to college.”

The star confirmed back in November that she was leaving the show, posting: