George Clooney has reportedly been giving his friend Brad Pitt advice on his latest relationship.

Pitt, 59, and Ines de Ramon, 30, have allegedly been dating for quite a few months now, with them first being photographed together at a Bono concert in November.

Clooney has been on hand to give Pitt some advice as the relationship gets more “serious” and he is said to be thrilled that his pal has “finally found someone to care for” amid his divorce battle with Angelina Jolie, according to the Daily Mail.

A source told the publication, “George has been giving Brad romance advice in his new relationship with Ines and George loves that Brad found someone to genuinely care for.

“George thinks that Ines is just Brad’s type, and Brad really hasn’t had that since Angelina, so it’s refreshing to see.”

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The stars have been busy filming their latest movie “Wolves” together in New York City, so have had plenty of time to catch up on Pitt’s dating life.

The source shared, “Brad and George’s lifelong bromance is in tighter than ever, and they are tearing up New York City together – having a blast and causing some mischief.”

They added, “Everyone on the film knows that it will be an unbelievable hit so there has been great energy on set.

“Brad and George are in great moods, and they are very aware that ‘Wolves’ could land them both an award for their performances. It is a film and project that they are both proud of.”

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It’s not just Pitt and Clooney who are happy about their new flick, with Clooney’s wife Amal and de Ramon reportedly being “super happy that they have each other right now. It gives them peace of mind,” the insider continued.

Clooney and Pitt previously worked together in the “Ocean’’s franchise and 2008’s “Burn After Reading”.

While Pitt’s divorce from Jolie is still hitting headlines, de Ramon separated from husband Paul Wesley, best known for his role in “The Vampire Diaries”, earlier in 2022.

It was confirmed over the weekend that the actor had filed for divorce after they were married for four years.