It’s no secret that Brendan Fraser is in the midst of his “Brenaissance” after winning rave reviews for his Oscar-nominated performance as a morbidly obese English teacher Charlie in “The Whale”.

In order to transform into Charlie, Fraser underwent up to six hours in the makeup chair each day, including extensive prosthetics.

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A new video from A24, the studio behind “The Whale”, features a new time-lapse video illustrating just how intensive that process was.

The elaborate prosthetics, makeup and bodysuit that transformed Fraser into his 600-pound character were modelled digitally and then created via 3D printer.

As Fraser told Vanity Fair, at the start of production he’d spend between five and six hours in the makeup chair, a process that was eventually whittled down to two to three hours.

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Enduring such an intense physical transformation, Fraser told VF, left him with a deep responsibility to do justice to the character.

“This may be the first and last time I ever do this again, so I gave it everything I’ve got,” he said. “And I did. That’s all I got.”