Michael B. Jordan has come a long way since his high school days, but the actor was recently reminded of his past when he reunited with a fellow student who used to bully him.

Prior to meeting face to face with his former bully named Lore’l, the host of “The Morning Hustle” radio show revealed on a recent episode of her “Undressing Room” podcast that she was one of many students who used to tease Jordan for his name.

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“You know what’s so crazy? I went to school with Michael B. Jordan at a point in life,” Lore’l revealed on the podcast. “And to be honest with you, we teased him all the damn time because his name was Michael Jordan. Let’s start there, and he was no Michael Jordan.”

“He also would come to school with a headshot,” she continued. “We lived in Newark, that’s the hood. We would make fun of him like, ‘What you gonna do with your stupid headshot!?’ And now look at him!”

Flash forward to the “Creed III” premiere, Lore’l was reporting on the red carpet for “The Morning Hustle” where she got to chat with Jordan in a somewhat awkward interview.

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“We go way back, all the way back to Chad Science [Academy] in Newark,” she told the 36-year-old star.

“Oh yeah, I was the corny kid, right?” Jordan playfully responded, poking fun at how she used to name-call the then-aspiring actor.

“No, you did not hear me say that! I said we used to make fun of the name,” Lore’l replied.

“I heard it,” Jordan said. “I heard it. It’s all good. What’s up?”

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Lore’l then gave her former schoolmate some credit, telling the actor that he’s “obviously killing things out here.”

“You’re not corny anymore,” she added.

In “Creed III”, which hits theatres on March 3, Jordan reprises his role, yet again, as boxing champion Adonis Creed. The film also marks his feature directorial debut.