An email address led to some very funny confusion between Drake and Lil Wayne.

This week, Drake appeared on Lil Yachty’s new YouTube show “A Moody Converstaion”, and shared how his musical mentor got his name wrong on their 2008 collaboration.

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At the time, the two rappers got together and recorded the track “Ransom”, in which Lil Wayne called the Canadian artist “Drizzy Drake Rogers”.

As it turns out, Lil Wayne really did think Drizzy Drake Rogers was his name, after seeing his email address at the time, “”

“Rogers is the service provider in Canada,” Drake explained on the show. “Wayne thought that — he didn’t realize at that time that the @ in the email was like a middle, interference. So he just thought my name was Drizzy Drake Rogers.”

Drake added that Lil Wayne “rapped it once,” and then he “didn’t have the heart to correct him … God bless his heart.”

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On the actual track, Lil Wayne raps, “And I just sold a lot of property to a buyer/ And I think his name was kinda like Drake Drizzy Rogers/ Or Drizzy Drake Rogers, I’m too busy to play father/ And when it comes to the game, I’m too willing to play harder.”

The track was released on a mixtape just prior to Drake having his big international breakout.

In 2009, Lil Wayne signed Drake to his label Young Money Entertainment, which finally brought him to stardom after years being best known as an actor.