Patricia Arquette is telling the story of how she almost worked with Tom Cruise.

Speaking with Variety at the SAG Awards, the actress revealed she absolutely bombed her audition for “Jerry Maguire”.

“Everyone was saying, ‘Oh, this is just a formality, you’re gonna read with Tom Cruise for ‘Jerry Maguire,’ but this is your part, you got it,’ and I blew it,” she recalled.

Renée Zellweger ended up booking the part opposite Cruise, which Arquette believed was for the best in the end.

“I actually think she was better for it, and she was great,” she praised.

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The film saw Cruise play a sports agent who had a moral epiphany, subsequently being fired from his agency, and helping his remaining client with a new ethical outlook. It would go on to earn an Oscar nomination and also earn Zellweger a SAG nod for female actor in a supporting role.

Arquette went on to confess that she also lost out on another major film.

“I just heard on this podcast the other day our friend sent us that the casting director, that Brad Pitt and I were her choice, we were the first ones who came in to read for ‘The Doors,’ and she was like, ‘Why are we having any more auditions? They were perfect,’” Arquette said.

The roles eventually went to Val Kilmer and Meg Ryan.

Speaking on her unlucky chain of failed auditions, the actress admitted she wasn’t the best at auditioning due to how different the process was.

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“I’m a terrible auditioner cause I don’t feel like that’s finished work…I wanna build layers with the character and with that other person and pivot and change according to how my character feels about them from take to take,” she explained.

The process also changed from in-person auditions to sending tapes to a casting director.

“There’s a lot you don’t know,” Arquette said. “As an actor, you gotta go in and do your best, take a chance, have fun and you gotta let it go, because it’s really out of your hands.”