Brooke Shields is sharing the source of her strength.

On Wednesday, a new teaser dropped for the upcoming documentary from ABC News, “Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields”, all about the iconic actor and model.

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“I spent my life owing people things and doing whatever they wanted,” Shields says in the teaser. “Finally, I asked myself, ‘Who will I be if I don’t allow that anymore?'”

The documentary is described as “a galvanizing look at actor, model and icon Brooke Shields as she transforms from a sexualized young girl to a woman discovering her power. Holding a mirror up to a society that objectifies women and girls, her story shows the perils and triumphs of gaining agency in a hostile world.

“The film follows Shields through her extraordinary childhood and complex relationship with her mother and manager, Teri Shields. Shields’ professional career began at only 11 months old, working as a child model before starring in Louis Malle’s controversial film ‘Pretty Baby’ at the age of 12. She became the face of the eighties with Calvin Klein jeans ads, and leading roles in ‘The Blue Lagoon’ and ‘Endless Love’, navigating the unrelenting scrutiny of the press and a culture that wanted to commodify her.”

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“After defying stereotypes by going to college, Shields re-enters the entertainment industry as an adult, but it isn’t until she begins to trust herself and her instincts that she’s able to find her identity and voice.”

The film is directed by Lana Wilson, who previously helmed the docs “After Tiller”, “The Departure” and Taylor Swift’s “Miss Americana”.

“Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields” premieres April 3.