The new season of “Next in Fashion” is shaping up to be a big one.

With the season 2 premiering Friday, co-hosts Gigi Hadid and Tan France sat down with ET Canada to spill the tea about what’s coming, including having Hailey Bieber as a guest judge.

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“Hailey has great chic taste in general, but I also think that she likes to have fun and obviously has a knowledge for style as a whole,” Hadid said of her friend. “She can be really girly some days, she can be really tomboy some days. You know, her and Justin just have such a great style.”

She continued, “I think that she has a really good eye not only for women’s wear, but menswear. Obviously, she’s been around the world for so long. So it’s just a good perspective to have.”

Hadid also pointed out that having “really different judges that come from different parts of the style and fashion world was important for this season.”

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Meanwhile, with France being known as a fashion guru around the world thanks to “Queer Eye”, he shared one very good fashion tip everyone should follow.

“This is a tip for fashion, for every year in the future, just wear something that makes you feel really good and who cares what Jane down the street’s wearing? I don’t care! Put something on your body that makes you feel great.”

As for a trend that needs to be left behind in the new year, Hadid said, “A trend to be left in 2022 is dressing to trends. I think that, like Tan is saying, I am so much more interested in someone walking in a room in something that I would never wear, but completely speaks to who they are and tells me something about them. So I just am more excited for people to continue to find that in themselves and show us that on the streets.”