Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors are in a debate about the next “Sexiest Man Alive”.

The two co-star in the third incarnation of the “Rocky” spin-off, “Creed III” as friends-turned-enemies, but that couldn’t be farther from reality for the actors.

When questioned over who he believed should be the next title-bearer for People‘s annual “Sexiest Man Alive” list, Jordan had one name in mind.

“Oh, I give it to Jonathan,” he told ET’s Keshia Chante. “It’s the brotherhood man, it’s brotherly love right here, man.”

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In fact, the actor was excited to watch Majors’ star on the rise and hoped to be a pillar of support for him.

“I feel like I’m so excited for him, and this year that he’s had, you know, and what’s to come in the future,” he explained. “I know what it feels like, so to have somebody else that’s going through it and to play a small part in that journey, it’s so gratifying.”

Majors returned the love when asked his pick for “Sexiest Man Alive”.

“Michael B. Jordan,” he responded immediately. “It’s Mike. Mike, look at him. I’m not a supermodel.”

The “Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania” star had high praise for his co-star who also did double-duty as the film’s director.

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“He is quite generous. He’s very much a team player. You know, that was the biggest insecurity in my mind where I was like, ‘Is he going to let me run for real through?’ Not only did he let me run, he came and was like,” Majors recalled as he imitated Jordan’s serious expression. “Which just means ‘get’em.'”

“That’s where he earned all my respect as a director, because you know, that I didn’t I didn’t do anything food for play. All the lifts were real,” he added, noting the way the new-director was pushing him to get the best performance out of him. “I’ve never had a director do that.”

“Creed III” hits theatres on March 3.