“Emily in Paris” became one of Netflix’s most popular shows when it first premiered in the fall of 2020, and star Lily Collins concedes that the timing of launching a romantic fantasy set within the City of Lights when the world was in the midst of pandemic lockdown wasn’t the worst thing for the show.

“It came out during a time when travel wasn’t possible, so we craved that escapism even more,” said Collins in a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

“The city is a character in itself — Paris is just so beautiful to look at,” she added.

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Despite its legions of fans, “Emily in Paris” had its detractors, with the French criticizing the show for its Americanized take on the famed city.

However, Collins said she’d witnessed those attitudes soften as the show’s success continued.

“When we went back to film the second season, people would just come up to us on the street and say, ‘Thank you for the show — thank you for making us smile,'” she recalled.

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In fact, she believes that even the biggest skeptics will eventually be seduced by the show’s charm.

“Oh gosh, I mean, I think the fact it’s gone on for three seasons means enough people are loving it to binge on it… and even if you want not to like it, you’re probably bingeing too!” she quipped.