Bebe Rexha is sharing some stomach-turning, behind-the-scenes details of the music video for her and David Guetta’s chart-topping banger “I’m Good (Blue)”.

The nearly three-minute clip that looks like a wild party was shot on a boat in Spain. However, although it appears to be a fun time, what happened on the boat in real life was the compete opposite.

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“The funny story about the music video for ‘I’m Good’ is we shot the video on a boat in Ibiza. And it was so windy that the boat was rocking so much that everybody on that boat [got sick],” Rexha told ET Canada’s Keshia Chanté during a recent interview.

The singer revealed she even took pictures and videos because she was like “Nobody’s going to ever believe me. Everybody on that boat was like throwing up,” she said.

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“It was so bumpy. We were literally holding on. I was like, ‘I’m good, yeah, I’m feelin’ alright’,” Rexha joked as she sung the track’s catchy lyrics. “But in the video you’ll never tell.”

“I felt so bad. Everybody was getting motion sickness,” she added.

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As for herself, the pop artist said she felt sick “for a good second.”

“When we were filming, we took a little break because everybody was not feeling well, even the director wasn’t feeling well. And I was like, This is not going as planned. Then I started getting sick for a second,” she told Chanté. “But I knew that if I threw up, it would make it worse. Like when you throw up, it’s not over for the end of the day but if you could hold it back, you’re good. So I was like, I cannot throw up. I can’t.”

“So we did the video and it was crazy.”