Morgan Wallen can’t believe he gets to work with country singers like Miranda Lambert and Eric Church.

The musician chats to ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante about his new album One Thing At A Time, sharing of whether he can just call someone like Lambert up: “Now I can!”

The pair worked together with Nicolle Galyon on the track “Thought You Should Know”.

Wallen recalls, “At that point actually, that was the first time I’d written with Miranda. I had the idea for the song and I came in with a verse and chorus, I think. I was originally going to write with Nicolle Galyon that day, because I wanted a woman’s perspective for that song.

“Nicole was like, ‘Do you care if Miranda comes and writes?’ [I was like] no of course not, that would be awesome,” he continues, insisting that working with “two of the best female writers in the world” helped him “complete” the track.

Wallen remembers writing three or four songs that day, telling us he got “pretty close” with Lambert after that.

He adds, “I look forward to hopefully doing some more things with her in the future.”

Miranda Lambert. (Photo by Adam Hagy/Getty Images for ABA)
Miranda Lambert. (Photo by Adam Hagy/Getty Images for ABA)

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The country crooner also talks about being a longtime fan of Eric Church, saying “it’s pretty mind-blowing” that he now gets to work with artists like him and Lambert.

He says Church’s “Outsiders Tour” in 2014 was his first concert when he was 21, saying how it just blew him away.

Wallen shares, “I just fell in love with everything that he did. Once I saw him in concert that kind of just ignited a real fire in me that maybe I could be like that one day.”

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He also says it was “pretty surreal” having a “full circle moment playing a stadium with him in Minneapolis” last year.

Wallen goes on to say the pair have grown “really tight,” adding: “We talk almost every day.”

“It’s been really, really cool to have him as a friend, mentor and collaborator,” he admits, sharing how he can go to Church for any type of advice.

See more from Wallen’s ET Canada interview in the clip below.