Jenna Ortega can really keep her cool.

This week, the “Wednesday” and “Scream VI” star sat down in the literal hot seat for the new episode of “Hot Ones”, chowing down on spicy wings while answering questions.

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During the conversation, host Sean Evans asked if there are any Gen Z tropes or stereotypes on-screen that she has problems with.

“It’s always the bratty teen, bad mouth teen or a lot of times unintelligent, which I don’t think is true,” the 20-year-old said.

Ortega explained that because she looks “a bit younger,” she has been playing mostly teenagers for the last ten years.

All those roles have given her the opinion that her generation should be “given a bit more credit.”

She added, “We can be smart sometimes.”

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As for getting through those hot wings, Ortega did start to feel the heat in the back half, but she powered through it all the way to The Last Dab.

“That’s delicious!” she exclaimed, taking that last bite, to the host’s surprise. “That’s actually really good.”

In fact, she upped the degree of difficulty when Evans challenged her to a staring contest, and she decided to take an extra bite of The Last Dab.

Of course, the “Wednesday” star pulled off the victory.