Morgan Wallen is paying tribute to his great-grandmother with the cover art for his new album, One Thing At A Time.

The country crooner chats to ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante about the reason he went for the artwork, with the photo being taken on his great-grandmother’s porch.

Wallen shares, “Her name was Mama Boots, [that’s] what we called her. She just played a huge impact in my life, especially at an early age. She lived to be 91. So, I got to spend a lot of time with her, even as an adult, you know, as a young adult.

“She just meant a whole lot to me. I had a lot of fond memories at that house and I just kind of wanted to show my respect and my love for her by dedicating the cover to her.

“So I was glad that we got to get a picture I liked, and, you know, that looked good. I thought it was appropriate for this album.”

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The hitmaker says when asked if she would say something like “take one thing at a time,” like the name of his album: “I think that’s probably something she’d say. She’d definitely be proud of me. You know, I was always the rowdiest kid, she had to chase me around the yard a little bit more than she did all the other kids.

“But, I also like to think she had a soft spot for me, as well.”

See more from Wallen’s ET Canada interview in the clip below.