Jennifer Aniston is not taking her parents’ example when it comes to healthy living.

In a new interview with USA Today, the “Friends” star opened up about how her late parents Nancy Down and John Aniston inadvertently inspired her own health journey.

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“God bless my parents who are no longer with us, but they were not the specimens of health,” she said. “My dad still lived to be 89 years old, shockingly, but that’s probably stubborn, Greek genes.”

Aniston’s father passed away in November 2022, and her mother died in 2016 at age 79.

The actress explained how watching her parents decline late in life was what made her realize she needed to prioritize her own health.

“My friends call me Dr. Aniston,” she laughed. “Just because I’m always up on the newest technology and [wondering] how can we improve our health in any way we can?”

As for how she keeps healthy, Aniston explained that a lot of it comes down to exercise, including working out and doing both yoga and pilates, as well as meditating and sticking to a good sleep schedule.

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That said, she doesn’t put much stock in fans complimenting how young she looks.

“To hear people say, ‘You look like you did on ‘Friends’!’ Listen, lovely compliment. But that’s a TV set they’re looking at,” the 54-year-old said.

“If I tried to look the way I looked at 20, I would not really actually want to do that. It’s absolutely impossible,” Aniston added. “I want my body to get strong, because as I get older, I want my body to thrive,” she continued. “We’re all going to get older. We’re all headed to that exact same spot. But we can take care of our skin. We can have a healthy diet. We can drink lots of water.”