Cameron Diaz has shaken off the nerves she initially felt heading into her first acting job in roughly 10 years.

The 50-year-old actress is “having a blast” in London where’s she’s been filming her upcoming Netflix movie “Back In Action” since the beginning of February with co-star Jamie Foxx, who she also starred alongside in her last acting gig, 2014’s “Annie”.

A source close to Diaz told People: “Cameron has been filming in London for several weeks. She was nervous before she arrived in London, but then very excited.”

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“Filming has been amazing. Cameron really enjoys it,” the source added. “They have been doing a lot of nighttime filming. It hasn’t bothered her, because she is jet-lagged anyway.”

The insider added that Diaz’s “family is with her for support.”

Meanwhile, another source told the outlet that the actress and Foxx “have great chemistry” when it comes to working together.

“Everyone loves working with them,” the source shared. “They are both incredibly hard working and never complain. Cameron is a sweetheart on the set. She is super chill and down to earth.”

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The second source added that Diaz “keeps telling the crew that she is just so excited to film again.”

After portraying Miss Hannigan in “Annie”, Diaz stepped back from her acting career. In June 2022, she announced her return to the film industry by revealing her “Back In Action” casting.

This will be Diaz and Foxx’s third time starring in a movie together. The pair also co-starred in 1999’s “Any Given Sunday”.

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Last July, a source close to the upcoming Netflix flick told People: “When this project came along and [Diaz] was pursued by Jamie Foxx, who she has known and worked with for years, she decided to go for it.”

A month later, Foxx, 55, revealed that he influenced the actress to come out of retirement by promising they’d have a great time.

“So it was literally, ‘Do you wanna have some fun? Just have some fun!’ And I think that’s what brought her to it,” he told Entertainment Tonight

“Back In Action” marks Diaz’s anticipated return to acting.