Niall Horan and Chance the Rapper are the latest additions to “The Voice”, joining Kelly Clarkson and  Blake Shelton in what will be the OG coach’s final season.

During Horan’s recent appearance on Clarkson’s daytime talk show, she told the former One Direction singer how impressed she was that he’s been tormenting Shelton right out of the gate.

“I love, though, that you jumped right in to giving Shelton crap. I love it!” Clarkson gushed.

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“I love winding him up,” Horan confirmed.

Clarkson also pointed out that Horan has perfected a hilariously accurate impression of Shelton, with the British performer nailing Shelton’s Oklahoma twang, and asked him to give viewers a sample.

“This is mah last season on ‘The Voice’,” Horan drawled, causing Clarkson to crack up.

“Ah want you to be on mah team,” he continued. “And ah hate Kelly Clarkson.”

“About sums it up,” said Clarkson as she laughed.

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The new season of “The Voice” kicks off March 6.