Ashley Tisdale can’t say that she’s Botox-free anymore.

The actress, 37, revealed that she’s been getting Botox injections in her face for months now, but “for a completely different reason” than what others might think.

On Friday, Tisdale shared an open and honest blog post on Frenshe, her health and beauty community based platform, revealing that she got Botox to treat her TMJ.

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“I have TMJ, aka temporomandibular joint dysfunction. TMJ is a fairly common syndrome that involves clenching your jaw, creating intense tension and pain. For me, it happens when I’m overly stressed,” she wrote.

“Along with the tension in my jaw, TMJ was creating headaches and strained neck muscles, not to mention soreness after grinding my teeth at night,” she explained of the syndrome she’s had for her whole life. “Even with a night guard, I’d get a full night of rest and wake up absolutely aching from the neck up.”

Over the years, the “High School Musical” star had spoken to a number of doctors and dentists who “suggested treating TMJ with Botox injections, but that idea made me a little nervous,” she admitted.

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“As time went on, though, the tension kept getting worse. So a year ago, I decided to try Botox for my TMJ,” she added, noting that she gets “a minimal amount of Botox on both sides of [her] jawline” to “help those muscles relax.”

“By that evening, I could feel the tension beginning to unwind,” Tisdale recalled of her first dose. “That night, I slept better than I’d slept in months—maybe even years.”

“I felt such incredible relief,” she shared, adding that “it’s been an enormously effective treatment.”

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“I should have done it years before I did!” she continued. “Now I go back [to the doctor] when my TMJ symptoms flare up, with at least six months between appointments.”

As for the rest of Tisdale’s face, it’s “totally Botox-free.”

“I just don’t believe in preventative Botox,” she said in an accompanying video, shared to her Instagram page.