The new “Scream” movie has a moment fans have been waiting for.

Speaking with ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman, “Scream VI” star Jenna Ortega talks about getting to punch Courteney Cox on screen in the new sequel.

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The scene happens early in the film, with Ortega’s character Tara laying into Cox’s iconic reporter Gale Weathers.

“That was a long time coming, I’ll tell ya,” the actress joked. “Me and Courteney, just the entire time were [laughing].”

Ortega also revealed, “That was actually improvised. That was an incredible experience. And I feel like the way that was scripted, and the way that that went down was really epic.”

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The actress and her co-star, Melissa Barrera, also tried their hands at guessing how many times their characters stabbed the villain Ghostface in the film.

“Oh, God. I think it would be in the fifties,” Barrera laughed.

“Yeah, we tried to count at some point,” Ortega admitted.

Barrera continued, “It’s ridiculous, because I know that this movie starts, and I say I stabbed him 22 times, right? So, like, we counted the ones in the last movie, and I know they wanted more in this one, so they just let me go for it. I had shoulder pain after that day. I’m not going to lie.”