Shamier Anderson is making his debut in the “John Wick” franchise, with his character engaging in a memorably brutal fight scene with Keanu Reeves’ character in the upcoming “John Wick: Chapter 4”.

In a recent interview with ET Canada’s Keshia Chanté, the Toronto-born actor recounted a particularly surreal moment from the set of the new action film.

“It was like, lunch break and we’re in our trailers. And this guy came up, came out of his car, and it was Liam Neeson because he just wanted to say hi to Keanu Reeves,” Anderson recalled.

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“And I’m like, okay… And like, I saw Liam Neeson and Keanu having a moment and I was like, I wish I could freeze frame it,” he added. “So that was like a crazy moment for me, you know.”

It’s often been said that a movie’s star will set the tone for the set, and Anderson definitely experienced that while working with fellow Canadian Reeves.

“When I first got on set, it was rehearsals, and this figure ran over to me and said, ‘Hey, how’s it going? I’m Keanu.’ And I’m like… ‘I know who you are.’ It’s like, welcome to the family,” Anderson shared.

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Reeves, Anderson said, is “the nicest, most humble person. He’s the real deal, you know? And I’m happy to know that he’s one of my colleagues now.”