Who knew painting on television could be so dramatic?

This week, IFC Films dropped the new full trailer for the upcoming comedy “Paint”, starring Owen Wilson as a very Bob Ross-inspired artist.

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“In ‘Paint’, Owen Wilson portrays Carl Nargle, Vermont’s #1 public television painter who is convinced he has it all: a signature perm, custom van, and fans hanging on his every stroke,” the official description reads, “until a younger, better artist steals everything (and everyone) Carl loves.”


In the trailer, Wilson channels the energy of Ross, the famous TV painter, into his character, but with a decidedly more zany personality.

At one point, his character is seen driving around a neighbourhood stealing newspapers off people’s driveways so they won’t read a negative article about him.

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Written and directed by Brit McAdams, the film also stars Michaela Watkins, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Ciara Renee, Lusia Strus, Stephen Root and Lucy Freyer.

“Paint” is out in theatres April 7.