Kristin Cavallari isn’t a fan of Botox.

“The Hills” star took to her Instagram Story on Tuesday to answer an array of skincare questions, with many fans commenting on how great she looks.

Cavallari, who founded her everyday jewellery and beauty company Uncommon James in 2017, shared one selfie with her daughter, alongside a caption stating she completely agreed that people shouldn’t be pressured into getting Botox.

She wrote, “I don’t have a secret [to smoothing lines,] it’s really just about staying hydrated and using good products.

“My lines don’t bother me. You can see them here on my forehead. I’m extremely animated so I would lose a lot of my expression if I got Botox.”

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The reality TV star continued: “I’m happier at age 36 than I ever have been and my lines mean I’ve lived and have experience which I love.”

Credit: Instagram/Kristin Cavallari
Credit: Instagram/Kristin Cavallari

The mother-of-three confirmed she’d never used Botox or filler in another post, before replying to one question: “I’m trying to just embrace getting older— I don’t want to chase something for the rest of my life.

“But I also think it makes more sense to work your face muscles out the same way you would your body. Once you freeze those muscles, there’s no going back,” Cavallari insisted.

She revealed that she had tried Dysport, which is mean to be a “healthier” version of Botox, she pointed out. However, she said she “absolutely hated it.”

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Sharing a photo, Cavallari said “it made my eyes slope downward.”

She added, “This is why I will never do any of that c**p. I got convinced to do dysport and I can’t even look at photos from this time period. Luckily it was gone within 5 months.”

Cavallari insisted when asked what advice she had for fine lines around the eyes, “Embrace them damnit!” urging fans: “Drink a s**t ton of water, eat healthy most of the time, go outside, get good friends, laugh, and stop caring so damn much.”