Pedro Pascal is really feeling the heat.

This week, the star of “The Last of Us” and “The Mandalorian” appeared on “Hot Ones”, answering questions while eating some very spicy wings.

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Taking his first bites, the actor joked, “I wonder how much of this is gonna get caught on my astonishing moustache.”

Asked about working with Baby Yoda on “The Mandalorian”, Pascal shared how lifelike the puppetry is on the creature, to the point that it wasn’t difficult for him to get emotional during certain key scenes.

“This puppet is making me cry,” he laughed.

Pascal was also asked if, now that he’s worked often enough with heavy costumes like his Mandalorian armour, if he can’t help but notice that on other actors when he’s watching a movie or show.

“Now, because of the context, my family wants to kill me so much of the time,” he admitted, “because I’m like, ‘That blood all over his body, it’s freezing. It’s so cold. That’s a lot of blood. That’s very sticky.’ I’m so hyper-aware of what the cast and the crew are going through.”

He also revealed that shooting the infamous head-crushing scene in “Game of Thrones” was a blast for him.

“It was the best part of the day,” he said, adding that the actor who was meant to be crushing his head was, “So gentle. The gentlest guy ever,” and that because he had to remain so still as his character died, “I was dead asleep.”

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Since he starred with Nicolas Cage in “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent”, host Sean Evans asked Pascal for his favourite Cage movies, and he picked “Raising Arizona”, “Peggy Sue Got Married”, “Face-Off” and “Moonstruck”.

All the while, Pascal seemed to be doing find with the heat from the wings. That is, until he got to the infamous Da Bomb, at which point he literally began sweating from his forehead.

“This is the story structure to your interview. You tell me I’m doing well, and then you try to kill me,” Pascal joked. It’s gotta be successful for a reason. I really got to the point where I thought this might not happen.”

Still, he managed to get through everything relatively unscathed, even making it to The Last Dab.