Elon Musk wants to build his own town.

A new article from The Wall Street Journal reveals the Tesla founder’s plans to build what they’ve dubbed a “Texas Utopia” on 3,500 acres of land he purchased outside Austin.

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The plan is to build a community for his employees to live and work, along the Colorado River.

Musk has chosen the name Snailbrook for the town, named after his mascot for his tunnelling company, The Boring Co.

According to the report, Musk consulted with both his ex Grimes and rapper Kanye West, even bringing West’s architectural designer aboard to dream up ideas for what the town would look like.

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As yet, none of the plans have actually been built, but Musk is apparently looking for quick approval from local governments.

Part of the plan would see The Boring Co. incorporate the town, which would reside in Bastrop County, allowing the CEO to set his own regulations, speeding along development.