Paul Mescal is making sure Frankie Corio is having the best 13th birthday.

The actor managed to get Olivia Rodrigo to record a special message for the “Aftersun” star’s special day.

Her mother, Leona Corio, captured the special moment in a video she shared to Twitter.

“Paul surprised Frankie with a video from @oliviarodrigo for her birthday when they were filming Aftersun in Turkey! 😍,” she wrote.

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“I’ve got a surprise for you,” Mescal teases before showing the birthday girl the special message on his phone.

“Hey Frankie, it’s Olivia,” Rodrigo can be heard saying as Corio and her siblings watch with huge smiles on their faces. “I heard it was your birthday and so I wanted to come say hello.”

“I hope you have the best day ever, eat lots of cake, open lots of presents, and I hope I get to meet you real soon. Hope this one’s the best year yet,” she concludes, blowing the birthday girl as kiss.

“There you go, good for you!” Mescal comments, while her mother can be heard saying, “Look at your face,” as Corio stands in awe.

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The 27-year-old admitted the video was meant to come in time for her birthday in January, but was held up.

The two star in the BAFTA award-winning film about a woman named Sophie as she reflects on a childhood vacation with her father, played by Mescal. Corio plays the child version of Sophie.

“Aftersun” saw the actor earn his first Oscar nomination for Best Actor at this year’s show.