Hugh Grant didn’t seem happy about being at the Oscars.

On Sunday night, the “Notting Hill” star walked the red carpet and stopped for an interview with “Countdown” co-host Ashley Graham, but things got pretty awkward.

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Grant generally appeared disengaged, responding to a question about who he is most excited to see win with, “No one in particular.”

Asked what he was wearing, Grant said, “Just my suit,” and as for who designed it? “My tailor.”

Grant appears in the Oscar-nominated “Glass Onion”, but asked how fun it was to shoot the film, the actor said, “Well, I’m barely in it. I’m in for about three seconds.”

Graham asks if he at least had fun filming the the movie, to which he responded, “Almost.”

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On Twitter, Oscar watchers couldn’t get enough of the awkwardness, and Grant’s disinterested vibe.