Sarah Polley is already working on her next project.

On Sunday night, the Canadian director won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for “Women Talking”, and apparently the whole awards season has inspired her.

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“I’ve been developing a project based on my experiences going through awards season — I’m not kidding,” she told Deadline on the red carpet. “I know all of your names and I have all of your numbers, you will be hearing from me.”

Polley added, “I’ve had basically a hotline with all the filmmakers and writers in the race, who text and email me things as they happen all night long — I have this informal writers room which has been amazing.”

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This wasn’t Polley’s first awards season experience, either. Her 2006 film “Away from Her” was also nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay.

“Women Talking” was Polley’s first film since her 2012 documentary “Stories We Tell”, and 2011’s “Take This Waltz”.