Another Juno Awards, another show for the books.

From unscripted moments to historic performances, this year’s ceremony had a number of highlights that kept audiences entertained throughout the entire show.

Take a look:

Topless Protester interrupts Avril Lavigne

Beginning with this totally unexpected moment when a topless woman crashed the Junos stage, Avril Lavigne didn’t hold back.

“Get the f**k off, b***h,” the singer cursed before security quickly escorted the woman off the stage. 


“Now nobody try anything this time or the Canadian’s gonna come out in me and I ‘ll F**k a b*tch up!” @Avril Lavigne we love you and clearly so do all your fans!! #avrillavigne wins #tiktok #junos #fanchoice Award 🏆 #livemusic

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In a written statement, the Junos told ET Canada: “The JUNO Awards is a celebration of Canadian music and the artists who make it. We take every step to avoid interruptions to our program, but there are always risks with live events and broadcasts. We hope tonight’s brief disruption doesn’t take away from the accomplishments of this year’s performers, winners and nominees.”

Simu Liu And AI

From the very beginning, Simu Liu had us hooked, making audiences laugh when he used AI to help him create his opening monologue. Technology at its finest!

Fanboy Simu Liu

Later on in the show, Liu proved he’s a triple threat when he showed off his impressive singing and dancing skills, performing a medley of Lavigne’s greatest hits.


Punjabis In The House

History was made during this year’s broadcasted ceremony when Indo-Canadian singer AP Dhillon gave the first ever Punjabi performance at the show.

Simu Liu’s Teacher Disowns Him

Another unexpected moment occurred when a pre-recorded message from Liu’s former teacher, Mrs. K, played onstage, only for everyone to find out that he wasn’t exactly the greatest student.

Simu’s teacher totally disowned (and destroyed) him: “You were always skipping class and playing games in cafeteria with your friends. Stop telling people that I’m your teacher, it makes me look bad.”

The Weeknd No-Show

Elsewhere, the Weeknd, who now has the second most Junos of any artist in history, was booed by audience members who were bummed out that he was a no show.

A Tweet From Trudeau

Lastly, ahead of the big show, Canada’s Prime Minister took to Twitter to offer our talented Canadian artists support, wishing them nothing but good luck. Thanks JT!

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