Former “The Bachelorette” star Tyler Cameron is getting candid about his finances.

On Monday, Cameron was on Dear Media’s “Trading Secrets” podcast hosted by fellow Bachelor Nation alum Jason Tatrick, and talked about how little he’s had in the bank while dating Gigi Hadid.

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Talking about an admission his guest once made to him, Tatrick recalled, “He goes to me, ‘Dude, I don’t know what the f–k I’m doing. I got $5,000 in my bank account, I don’t know what my next job is, and I’m dating Gigi Hadid.’”

“Not even $5,000, I had like $200, you know what I mean?” Cameron jumped in to correct him.

Cameron and Hadid dated for about two months in 2019, not long after he appeared as a contestant on the reality dating show.

“I’d be going on dates — like this is in my early days of living in New York City. I’m living on Matt’s beanbag,” the reality star said, in reference to “Bachelor” star Matt James.

“Have no money, but I’m like the happiest I’ve ever been ’cause like the world is wide open to me in New York City. I can do whatever I want,” Cameron added.

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He also recalled once having to call his dad from a restaurant bathroom to ask for money so he could pay for his date.

“I’d be going on dates, I’m like calling pops up in the bathroom. I’m like, ‘Pops, I don’t think my credit card’s gonna go through. I need you to send me some money right now.’ And he’s like, ‘You got it, son, go get it,’” he recalled.

“When you go on a date with Gigi, and you only have $200 to your name, how do you pay for it? Do you ever have a story, like how are you managing that?” Tatrick asked him

“You’re just crossing your fingers at this point,” his guest said. “At this point, I don’t even know what a credit card is.”

Cameron added, “I got a straight debit card so when you hit zero, you hit zero, you know, so I’m just crossing my fingers, hoping it swipes, and it just kept swiping.”