Ellie Goulding says that motherhood has changed her entire life.

While talking with Zane Lowe on “Apple Music 1” to discuss her new album “Higher Than Heaven”, the “Love Me Like You Do” singer discussed how entering motherhood has completely shifted every aspect of her life.

The 36-year-old singer gave birth to her son Arthur Ever Winter in April 2021 with her husband, Caspar Jopling.

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Goulding shared how she had no idea that becoming a mom would heavily impact her life. Still, she realized it “changes everything.”

“It was like, I mean, that happening in lockdown and it was a lot. It was a lot. And I assumed when I had Arthur that I could just go back to normal, crack on with my 10K runs and then get in the studio and everything would just be great. But no, it was not that at all,” explained the “Lights” singer.

“I realized that I didn’t factor in how much I wanted to spend time with him, how much I wanted to just be around him all the time.”

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“So that became my new life and it is my new life and he is the biggest thing in my world. And it has changed everything for me,” she continued.

Goulding explained, however, that the only thing motherhood hasn’t changed yet for her is her artistry, but the change is arriving soon.

“I don’t think I’ve changed as a writer yet. I certainly haven’t found that space yet where I want to write about motherhood. It’s coming. I can feel it coming.”