Roz Weston On His Carrie Underwood ‘Hair Envy’

The first thing you realize when you meet Carrie Underwood is that she has beautiful hair. And lots of it! Lots of beautiful hair. So beautiful that I started to hate my own hair. She also has beautiful skin. Golden, smooth beautiful skin. So beautiful that I started to hate my… Well, you get it.

Carrie is a rare breed of superstar. She’s one of those people we fell in love with before she actually became a star. Before she had ever released an album and before she set foot on a stage that didn’t have American Idol written on the back wall.

She showed up with a small town, aw-shucks attitude that fans latched onto and haven’t let go of. We feel we knew her ‘before she was famous’. We’re proud of her. We treat her like that girl in a small town high school that landed a bit part in a Hollywood movie that nobody ever saw. Carrie is a living, breathing example that dreams do come true.

Fame has a way of affecting people – especially those who, before they signed their first contract, thought the world was a great place. A place that was fair, kind and right. Fame will destroy that in a matter of minutes. Nobody can teach you how to be famous and Carrie freely admits that she’s still a work in progress.

People often ask me, “are celebs just normal people when you meet them?”; My answer is usually a quick “no”; (simply because I hate that question) but with Carrie it’s an emphatic “yes”; – and I welcome that question! If you want to know what Carrie Underwood is like in real life – my answer would be “exactly what you’d hope for!”;

She’s funny, kind, loves her dogs, does her own laundry and much like us, she’s still a work in progress (only with bigger hair and better skin than you or I will ever have!)




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