Keke Palmer is sharing how using psychedelic mushrooms positively impacted her life.

The star recently shared her experiences with psychedelic mushrooms on the latest episode of her podcast, “Baby, This Is Keke Palmer”.

Palmer first reflected on the level of improved self-confidence the psychedelic experiences caused within her.

“It really made me love myself so much. And I remember looking in the mirror and being like, ‘You are absolutely gorgeous.’ I remember it was to the point where I was like yo girl, you gotta calm down because I was looking at myself like, ‘Damn, I never really knew that you were this beautiful,” explained the star.

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“I came outta there feeling like I was closer to myself, you know, that I was just reminded that I’m on the right path,” she added. “You know, things that I really kind of always knew, but – the way that it impacted me in that moment, it was just so clear.”

Palmer, who recently gave birth to her Darius Daulton Jackson, further illuminated the increased awareness mushrooms helped her realize about her love of acting.

And the reason why I love characters is because they allow me to escape and to project all the different emotions and worries that I feel about having to exist as this emotional human being.”

Regarding having a ‘bad trip’, Palmer shared that her best advice for navigating an adverse scenario with mushrooms is reminding yourself of your control over your perception.